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Launching of Nukkad Shops Restaurant Billing App- DinO mPOS


We at Nukkad Shops are very happy to announce the launch of our DinO mPOS app to enable the restaurants & cafe owners to manage their business operations from the phone.

As a restaurant owner, you need not be always available at your restaurant to run it, as the trend has shifted to mobile-based apps on portable devices. Hence, the DinO mPOS app for restaurants has been designed for you! 

DinO mPOS App is a simple yet powerful tool to run your food business. DinO supports all types of food businesses including bistros, specialty restaurants, coffee shops, fine dining restaurants, dhabas, cafes, fast food joints, canteens, cafeterias, food courts, drive-ins, bars, food trucks, QSRs, bakeries, and many others.

This app is built to assist food business owners to run their business operations in an efficient way and remain profitable.

With the DinO mPOS App, one can now manage the restaurant from the comfort of a phone.

Features & Benefits

Some of the features of the DinO mPOS app are

  • Billing & Cash Management
  • Menu Management
  • Table Management
  • Kitchen Management
  • Business Insights
  • Easy to Use

Billing & Cash Management

With DinO mPOS apps one can manage dine-in, takeaway, and delivery orders from a phone. In other words, a restaurant owner can manage all the day to day operations from a single screen

  • Manage your Dine-in, Takeaway, and Delivery orders from one screen
  • Add tables, groups and check & update the table status from anywhere.
  • Create KOT’s, Item wise cancel KOT, and cancel KOT without any hassle.
  • Place & Track your Dine-in orders

Menu Management

  • Manage your menu from your phone
  • Add or Remove an item or variant from the menu, etc.

Table Management

  • Create table groups
  • Track table status from anywhere

Kitchen Management

  • Create KOTs
  • Item wise cancel KOTs
  • Special notes to kitchen

Business Insights

  • Analyze your sales on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Deep Insights on each transaction, customer, menu item, etc.

Easy to Use

  • Run your restaurant operations from anywhere
  • Smart Portable Handheld device from Nukkad Shops for all your Restaurant needs.

Our cloud-connected Android-based products run on any platform and are very easy to set up and get started with 24*7 customer support.

Why do you need an mPOS App & device?

As a restaurant business owner, you always wanted billing software to take care of your customers and their orders. So, here is a one in all solution to all your daily issues: our MPOS device is loaded with the following capabilities. 

Simplify your billing

You must have faced a situation where a customer has waited for a considerable amount of time for his food and once the food is served but it is mixed with an order from a different table. The mPOS device offers a solution to this problem by categorizing your orders table-wise, delivery-wise, take away wise, etc. As soon as an order invoice is generated at the billing counter, a duplicate copy of the order details is simultaneously shared with the kitchen, etc for quick and efficient processing.

Menu on phone

You can manage your restaurant’s menu on the go. You may add or remove a menu item as and when you like in real-time. Even more importantly, mPOS provides a QR-based option to your customer where a customer needs to scan the QR code and the menu appears on the device to place the order. During the covid-19 pandemic majority of the restaurants have adopted the concept of a QR-based menu.

Analyze & Arrive

Know what’s working and what isn’t for your restaurant in order to be on top of the competition. mPOS device provides deep insights into your customer’s behavior such as their choices, preferences, likes, dislikes, etc. This way you can arrive at better decisions for the benefit of your business.

Organized Process

mPOS aids in a smooth and better flow of restaurant day-to-day operations. It helps organize your processes to save time, energy, and money.

Origins of the DinO mPOS

Nukkadshops introduces its DinO to fulfill small & medium size restaurants needs to digitize their business through the point of sale systems and ensure a smooth flow of operations and also to simplify their day to day operations by introducing smart android-based POS solutions with cloud-connected servers which help them in billing, menu management, kitchen management, table management, reports, analytics & insights.

Why choose DinO mPOS?

Restaurant management is a complex subject, so it’s obvious for you to choose the best mPOS software available in the market. Why should you consider DinO mPOS? Here are the top reasons:

User-friendly interface

The first point you should consider before subscribing to any restaurant software is to ensure it has a good user-friendly interface. There are a lot of apps in the market with complicated UI. Hence, it is difficult for a restaurant to operate with such apps.

DinO mPOS app offers a clean and seamless user interface to ensure the best user experience to the customer. Our app is simple and easy to use even a layman can operate it.

Easy & Quick setup

It’s very easy to set up the DinO mPOS app for your restaurant. You can set up on your own and run your restaurant operations. You need to download the app from the play store and fill in your personal & business details and you are ready to go in a few steps.

Currently, we’re running an offer where you can use our app for free on a 30-day free trial.

Menu customization

You can customize your catalog and even a single item in your menu, you can assign a particular code, category, sub-category units, variants, and other measurement units to any of your products.

Apart from that, you can even set a different price for dine-in, delivery, and takeaway for your items.

Automates your business

It helps in automating your restaurant business. Once an order is placed it will generate the bill and one more copy will be automatically generated to the kitchen counter. The order will get processed without any hassle and delivered to your customer.

If you set the software to update automatically in the background then, you don’t need to bother, it will automatically update on the availability of the latest version.

Competitive Price

DinO mPOS is perhaps the most loaded app in the town at a very market-beating price. The range of features in the app makes it worth every penny spent on it. 

Our mission is to deliver quality products at affordable costs.

24*7 customer support

Another rationale for why customers choose DinO mPOS is our quality customer service. We have a pan India dedicated customer support team which is available 24*7.

Complete onboarding training

We have a dedicated team to help the new customers to learn about the product and how it works. The trainers provide complete onboarding training to you and guide & nurture your staff to better use the product.

How it can benefit restaurants with an example?

Let us answer this question with how the traditional restaurant business was run. Traditional restaurateurs used to use a button billing machine to run their restaurant, but there was a drawback that it just used to have the basic features like billing and sales reports with limited options. Few of these devices even did not have an option to reprint a bill. They were short on memory and could not save business data for more than 3-6 months. In order to solve such challenges, came the mPOS.

It could be better explained with the help of an example. Let us say a restaurateur wants to know the status of capacity utilization of his restaurant at different business hours or during weekends and weekdays. It will be very difficult for him to check the capacity utilization as the process would be manual, time-consuming, and often error-prone. Not anymore with an mPOS device. Now he can check whether his tables are available, reserved, occupied, running, or payment due at once on his mPOS device and make arrangements likewise. 

Thus, it helps a restaurateur in tracking the table status and also saves his time, money, and energy.

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