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Marketing campaigns for restaurants

According to a study “Integrating your restaurant POS and reservations management system can boost your online reviews by 1/4 of a star and create 2% more return customers (who tend to spend 67% more on average)”.

The use of point-of-sale technology has drastically increased over the past few years. It offers tons of benefits to the restaurateurs including the complete information of the customers, even the granular data. In this scenario, restaurateurs want to switch to centralized smart POS solutions completely to automate their restaurant operations.

What is POS marketing?

Point of Sale marketing refers to the marketing efforts taken to boost sales through the point of sale software at the time when an order is placed by the customer.

An example of POS Marketing is merchandising display which entices customers to order more at the time of purchase.

Types of POS marketing Strategies

A point of sale software enhances your marketing efforts in the following ways. They are as follows.

Display Campaigns

Merchandising Display Campaign is one of the oldest marketing strategy that restaurateurs practice to do more sales. These campaigns are widely used to promote the specific items that are under offer. It involves the display of the offered items on the screen to attract the buyer and make them avail the offer. Restaurateurs generally use this method to promote specific items for instance festival foods & to promote the newly added food item.

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Upselling & Cross-selling suggestions contribute to additional revenue to the restaurant. Nowadays restaurateurs can upsell & cross-sell relevant items based on the buyer behavior patterns, his previous food orders, etc. Upselling is the process of encouraging a buyer to upgrade his order at an additional cost (but adding value to his purchase) and cross-selling involves various suggestions to order complimenting food items to the buyer.

For example, if a customer wants to buy an aloo tikki burger, then upselling may have some better fast food items options such as chicken zinger burger, sandwiches, pizza, etc. Similarly, cross-selling may include some items that a buyer can order and will increase the revenue like french fries, cool drinks, desserts, etc.

Rewards & Loyalty Programs

A rewards & loyalty program is an effective strategy for a restaurateur to retain the existing customers. It is considered as the proven marketing strategy to engage and increase the number of loyal customers. Marketers run these schemes to hold loyal customers from a bunch of buyers and encourage them to buy more by allocating loyalty points or presenting rewards for being loyal to their business. Nothing is better than a repeating customer and a loyalty program enhances a customer to order again and again.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

In traditional days the restaurateurs used to run offers using coupon codes, discounts, and other methods to push sales but they didn’t have an option to segregate the customers based on the specific parameters and they were lagging behind.

Hence, they may not be able to reach their desired audience thoroughly and their advertising creatives may not be displayed to the exact audience and that will elevate the cost of the ads.

The introduction of advanced technology in marketing has completely changed the scenario. Nowadays apart from the vast marketing options that point of sales software offers, a restaurateur can even run targeted marketing campaigns for specific groups of customers. Targeted marketing campaigns are created for a group of customers who have similar attributes. Customers are segregated based on their interest, demographic & buying behavior, and campaigns are created accordingly. These characteristics are identified based on the items ordered and previous orders made by the buyer. It is communicated to the respective audience with automated SMS marketing campaigns.

Campaign Tracking

An additional benefit besides running multiple campaigns is that the restaurateurs now can track the status of all the running campaigns. Previously it was difficult to track the performance of any individual campaign accurately but nowadays you can track the performance of a campaign without any hassle.

With this feature, they can find which campaign is generating the most revenue and also can stop the campaigns that aren’t performing well.

It gives a clear picture of campaign performance and helps in identifying the fast-moving items including the in-demand items in the market. This supports better decision-making and benefits the business.

Nukkad Shops software offers comprehensive features which also include POS marketing attributes. This will enable a restaurateur to run their marketing operations from their own POS system without any hassle. For more information related to our software, you can download our brochure for free!

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